Ms. Brenda Kurtz

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Math Lab
  • Master of Art of Teaching Math - NAU
  • BAE in English and Math - UofA
  • Highly Qualified in Az to teach English and Math
  • Published two fiction novels and seeking third
  • My Resume
   I was born and raised in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I spent a few years in Flagstaff for my college years, but I really love this area. My family has been in Sierra Vista for over thirty years. This will be my sixth year teaching math, mainly all levels of algebra including honors. This will also be my third year teaching night classes at Cochise Community College. Before teaching, I tutored everything from basic math to Calculus III at the college's math lab.

    I earned my master's from NAU two years ago. Math really is my passion. I feel it is a subject a lot of people struggle with as well as the road block to many future degrees. I feel I can help make a difference for those struggling and will strive to lead them toward success.

    On my spare time, I have also written four novels and published two of them. I am currently seeking the publication of my third. This experience has taught me perseverance and discipline, two qualities I know I can help teach my students.

    I am looking forward to a new school year with new experiences!!