If you have a student who will not attend school on a specific day or time frame, please contact Maya Comaduran at 520-720-6840 or Email her to report your students absence.

Attendance Policy

Benson High School Administration and staff realize the importance of good attendance at school. Therefore, the following regulations will be adopted to encourage and enhance regular attendance by students. If you have questions on the attendance program, please call the attendance office at (520) 720-6840. We welcome all parents/ guardians to verify student attendance ahead of time before it becomes an issue. Each high school semester is approximately 18 weeks in duration. We are requesting your assistance to oversee that your child does not accumulate more than ten (10) absences in any given semester. The purpose of this letter is to build a partnership between the school and parent(s)/ guardian. At Benson High School, students are afforded the ability to obtain seven (7) credits per semester. Each course per period is worth .5 credits. Students at BHS are required to obtain 25 credits to graduate. Students become in DANGER of losing credits at the end of each semester due to attendance issues if more than ten (10) absences accumulate. When students are absent from a class period ten (10) or more days during a semester, credits for the course become a “No Credit” (NC) status on the official transcript. This total includes excused and unexcused absences. Students accumulating ten (10) absences per semester in a given class will be referred to the administration by the teacher for a review of their credit status.



  • A HS student who reaches 10 absences, excused or unexcused, during a semester may lose credit eligibility in the class or classes in which the 10 days are recorded.
  • Students are required to be present for all final exams during the fall and spring semesters. No early final exams will be given.
  • An absence is defined as a student’s not being present in his/her assigned classroom during his/her assigned period.
  • An unexcused absence is any absence from one or more class periods which has not been excused by a parent and does not meet the excusable absence requirements.
  • Truancy is 5 days of unexcused absences.
  • Students with excessive absences will be placed on an attendance contract. Violation of the contract will result in loss of credit and/or removal from the class.
  • Students who are habitually truant are subject to disciplinary action ranging from detention to suspension or removal from class.
  • By state law, a student must be withdrawn from school after 10 consecutive days of unexcused absence. Parents may request a re-entry conference if the absences have been due to illness.
  • As specified by state code and school rules, students may only be excused from school for:
    • Personal illness
    • Illness in the family
    • Court appointment; Documentation must be provided.
    • Quarantine in the home (The health officials set length.)
    • Death of a relative
    • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Any other reason must be excused by the school administration, preferably at least one week in advance. This pertains to any outside activities such as rodeo and any family trips such as reunions or hunting trips. Be aware these absences may not exceed the maximum allowed ten (10) days per semester.
  • A student is considered absent if he/she has missed more than 15 minutes of class.
  • A parent wishing to have a student excused before the close of the day must go to the school office and sign the student out. Photo ID is required to sign a student out of school.
  • Seniors who are 18 years of age or older may request a self-excusing form upon parent request. These forms are available in the Attendance office.

    Steps to follow when absent

    The parent/guardian should call the attendance office at (520) 720-6840 as early as possible each day the student is absent. The high school office opens at 7:30 am. This should be done by 10:00 am by a parent/guardian; if not, the automated phone caller will notify the parent/guardian of the absence.

    Upon returning to school the following steps should be taken:

  • If the parent/guardian has not called to excuse the absence, the student must present a written excuse from a parent/guardian that specifies the days absent and the reason for being absent.

  • The Attendance Clerk will issue the student an Admit Form only if it is an excused absence.

  • Any absence not excused by phone or note before the student returns to class is considered unexcused.

  • Parents must call by 8:00am to excuse tardy students to first period.
  • Once a student is on campus, a parent cannot excuse their son/daughter without signing them out through the office.

    First Period: Tardies, Lates and Admit Passes

  • Students late to school must report to the attendance office, sign in, and obtain an admit slip.
  • Teachers will not allow students in first period without an admit slip.
  • Upon entering the class students must sign the tardy book and give teacher the admit slip.

     Front Office Sign-Outs and Appointments:

  • Parents are encouraged to sign their student in and out of school.
  • Due to the BHS closed campus safety policy, students returning to campus must be signed back in by a parent/ guardian, or provide a doctor note or documentation.
  • All extra-curricular activities not associated with the school must be approved by an Administrator prior to the absence.
  • Parents requesting to sign a student out by phone must be approved by an Administrator.
  • Students who are 18 years old must have a Self-Excusal Form on file in the front office.


    Tardiness is defined as arriving after the bell or start of the class period at the assigned location. For students in grades 9-12 the following tardy policy will be implemented by school administration. If a student is tardy they will be assigned to lunch detention the next school day. Students who do not attend assigned lunch detentions will be subject to additional consequences, including assignment to IHS. If a student accumulates their 5th unexcused tardy of the semester they will be assigned work detail/community service to perform during the first or second half of lunch. This assignment will be for 5 school days and will also be logged as a 5 point infraction. Students who are tardy 10 or more times within a semester will be assigned one day of IHS, 15 or more times will be assigned two days of IHS, and will keep progressing in similar increments. Time is a valued commodity and we want to encourage students to develop good habits in this particular area.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to initiate scheduling for make-up work.
  • Excused absences - Students will be allowed the number of days absent plus one day to make up the assignments. Work that was assigned prior to an absence will be due upon return to class. In most cases, if the absence is related to a school function where the student will miss more than a day of school, the work is to be turned in before leaving for the school activity.
  • Unexcused absences - Students are accountable for all work missed. However, credit may not be granted.
  • Alternative assignments may be implemented for make-up work.