Dean of Students/Athletic Director's Office
Darin Giltner
Dean of Student/AD


Athletic Secretary

      Welcome to another exciting year at Benson High School.  I look forward to working with each of our sports programs in the coming year.  Interscholastic athletics are part of a well-rounded student experience, and the Benson Schools mission statement, and guiding principles, reflect this as well. In particular, “Student activities promote success now and in the future. Student organizations, athletics, and other extracurricular activities are essential”. As an athletic department there are many ways for us to contribute in bringing the Benson Schools vision to life. For example, “we uphold traditional values such as: honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic”, “respect is fundamental” and “we expect all students to be challenged and to perform at their highest level” are just a few ways that we can support this mission.

      As athletic director I am always available to you and will do my very best to assist in providing the best possible experience for your kids and their program.  The safety of our student athletes and the respectability of our school and community are my top priorities.  These beliefs will be my guide in decision making.   It is my philosophy that by working together we can all achieve the goals we have set.

     Our goal is to represent Benson High School in the best possible light. This means that coaches should always stress the STUDENT portion of student athlete.  Athletics are a key part of the high school experience and can broaden the horizons of all individuals who participate in them. I believe that sportsmanship should be paramount in all of our programs.  Competition is wonderful and is a part of most every facet of life, so it is important that it is done in the most respectful manner.

      It is my belief that athletic competition doesn’t just build character, it reveals it. We are all obligated to help these young people build their skill sets for a successful and productive future.  I will always endeavor to communicate with you in an open, honest, and consistent fashion. John Wooden was fond of saying “It is amazing what can be achieved when nobody cares who gets credit for it.” I feel that this is a suitable mantra for Benson Athletics to use as a guide for another successful year.


Go Bobcats,

 Darin Giltner