The Benson High School Welding Program is for students wanting to pursue a college business degree or start their own business in the future. This program has produced several Arizona FBLA State Champions along with four FBLA National Conference top ten teams.

The Welding Program Course Sequence is as follows:           
  • Welding 1 (10th –12th Grade)
  • Welding 2 (11th –12th Grade)
Welding 1 (Cochise College Dual Credit Option - AGR 210)
Requirements: 10th –12th Grade                      
Two Semester Courses:    1 Credit BHS - 3 Credits Cochise College  
Course Prerequisite:  Intro to Agriculture or Construction Core  
Degree of Difficulty:      Average  

This course will cover the theory and application of major welding processes to include parameters, advantages and limitations, applications, equipment, health and safety, introductory welding metallurgy, welding design and inspection and practical application. The course will include aspects of oxyacetylene, arc welding and MIG welding. Emphasis will be placed on flat position welding.  

Welding 2 (Cochise College Dual Credit Option - AGR 250)
Requirements: 11th –12th Grade  
Year-Long Course: 1 Credit BHS - 3 Credits Cochise College  
Course Prerequisite:   Welding 1  
Degree of Difficulty: High  

This course will use what was learned in basic welding and add to the basic skills learned. Emphasis will be placed on vertical, horizontal and overhead welding; the class will culminate in the building of a project