Participation Requirements

Dear High School Parent and Athlete:

To help ensure the health and safety of your son or daughter the Benson Unified School District requires the following information for participation in interscholastic activities.

  • Physical exam - This is required annually. The exam must not be completed before March 1st of the year of participation.
  • Annual Pre Participation Physical Examination (this has replaced the previous Health History Questionnaire).
  • Concussion Acknowledgement
  • Parent Code of Ethics.

In addition parents and students are required to sign Permission to Participate Form and provide health insurance information.  If your student does not have health insurance you may purchase a very affordable coverage at This needs to be purchased before the student can participate. When ALL of the information is returned and FILLED OUT COMPLETELY, the athlete can participate. If you have any questions please contact the  Athletic Secretary, Danele Douglas at (520)720-6844.

Darin Giltner, A.D.