Aug. 2015 Students of the Month
August 2015 Student of the Month
Posted on 08/27/2015
Photo by Linda Lou Lamb and Journalism Students

Students of the month – August 2015

By Aurora Meserve, BHS newspaper staff

Benson High School is again showing its appreciation to students who have stood out during the month of August in the category of ‘respect’.  The following four students were recognized for their respectful character traits by high school Principal Ben Rodriguez and by the school board at their August meeting.

The freshman ‘Student of the Month’ is Justin Vivian. His teachers choose him because he is a problem solver, he is cooperative, and has great patience. “Being selected student of the month makes me feel recognized on campus,” Justin said.  Justin is son of John and Mary Vivian.

The sophomore ‘Student of the Month’ is Jace Bakken. Jace’s teachers elected him because he is welcoming and shows leadership. “It’s nice that actions don’t go unnoticed,” Jace said. Jace is the son of Daylon (Kila) and Kristi Bakken.

The junior ‘Student of the Month’ is Kaitlynn Price. Her teachers nominated her for the confidence she shows in her work, because she does her very best, and is on time every day. “I feel like a role model,” Kaitlynn said, “someone who’s supposed to set an example.”  Kaitlynn is the daughter of Jess and Sarah Price.

The senior ‘Student of the Month’ is Shelbie Lopshire. Her teachers selected her for her maturity and respect.  “Being student of the month is really an honor,” Shelbie said. “It feels great to be recognized and know that even though we’ve been here for four years, the seniors aren’t overlooked. I love being a Bobcat.” Shelbie is the daughter of Robert (Jennifer) Lopshire and Shanna Castilaw.

 “We appreciate our high school students’ hard work in the classrooms and on the athletic fields. We also admire and want to showcase their positive attitudes toward others through our ‘Student of the Month’ program,” student of the month coordinator Mrs. Kristy Reynolds said.  

The September 2015 ‘Student of the Month’ quality is responsibility.