BHS Teachers of the Semster
BHS Has Awesome Teachers...
Posted on 02/10/2014
Teachers of the semester...Eric Grizzle,Dwain Hinskey, Marv Sorensen, Brenda Kurtz
We recognize our staff at faculty meetings for all-time ‘highs’ in data or through the “Faculty of the Semester Award.” We recognize four teachers each semester for their outstanding contributions and/or innovative and creative leadership. These teachers demonstrate that one person can make a difference in student’s lives while still impacting their learning. Because of these teachers efforts our school is a better place to learn. We applaud them for making connections and bringing the best out of students. Nominees are those individuals who have gained the respect and admiration of students, parents, and co-workers. They play an active and useful role in their communities as well as their school, often distinguishing themselves as leaders. They have a superior ability to help all students achieve. Photo by Linda Lou Lamb, Eric Grizzle, Dwain Hinskey, Marv Sorensen, Brenda Kurtz.