Bobcats Booster Club

Dear Bobcat Booster,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the new Board Members of the 2015-2016 Benson Bobcat Booster Club (BBBC).  President: Jayne Sweatt, Vice-President: Barbara Furnas, Treasurer: Susan Barney and Secretary: Jennifer Thoutt, Membership: Bevin Judd, and Concessions Coordinator: Nannette Rodriguez.  We are each looking forward to serving our Bobcats in this capacity during another impressive school year!

The BBBC supports all Middle School and High School athletic programs.  This past year was another huge success!  We assisted by providing equipment, uniforms, traveling expenses, camp funding and more.  This was the third year of our scholarship program. We were once again able to award six $500.00 scholarships to Senior Athletes.  We hope that you as a community will continue supporting us as we move forward with yet another successful year!

We are a non-profit corporation whose main objective is to provide support funding to the Benson School District’s Athletic Department.  We have the backing of the School Board and Athletic Director Darin Giltner.  We are also the only officially recognized fundraising entity for the Benson Athletic Program.

We mention that we are the only official entity because you may be contacted by an outside company wanting you to buy products and telling you that they are from “The Booster Club”.  Please ask them questions like specific names of officers, the name of the Athletic Director and so on.  If they cannot answer these questions the money you spend on the item does not go the BBBC.  Please contact us with questions if you are contacted by these companies.

Feel free to contact any BBBC representative or via e-mail at


Your Benson Bobcat Booster Club Board

 Jayne Sweatt                 Barbara Furnas                         Bevin Judd

Susan Barney                 Jennifer Thoutt                         Nannette Rodriguez