Mr. Adam Gilbert
  • Arts/Graphic Design
  • Masters in Fine Arts
  • 4+ years in education
  • Professional Resume 

This is my first year teaching at Benson High School. Prior to coming here, I spent one year teaching at Cochise College and four years teaching overseas, (two in Cambodia and two years in Thailand). Before that I was in Tucson and taught Art to all ages, (including HS, MS and elementary school) for several years.

I have a masters in Fine Arts and am a practicing Artist. I have done a lot of Graphic Design/Illustration work as well as Fine Art and hope to bring the two together to create some terrific projects for my students.

I should also mention that I attended both middle school and high school in Bisbee Arizona - a long time ago. Before coming to Bisbee, my family and I had been in the Caribbean, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado, (where I was born).