Career & Technical Education

Vision:  Ensurea dynamic workforce by fully developing every student’scareer andacademic potential.

Mission: PrepareBenson High School students for workforce success and continuouslearning.

Benson High School's Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs have been determined through the use of state labor market data to be high skill, high wage and/or high demand career opportunities for students. Students enroll in the CTE program that matches their career goals and complete a sequence of courses that leads to the completion of industry-validated assessments and certifications. Programs frequently offer post-secondary dual credit or articulation opportunities for students.  At Benson High School, we offer 13 CTE programs:

* Animal Systems
* Welding
* Advanced Construction Technologies
* Culinary Arts
* Accounting
* Advertising & Public Relations
* Entrepreneurship
* Nursing Services
* Graphic Design
* Journalism
* Digital Photography
* Mental and Social Health Sciences
* Hospitality
* Financial Service

    If you have questions about any of the CTE programs, please contact the CTE Director, Cari Burson, at (520) 720-6733 or her email address is: