Principal's Office
Ben Rodriguez

Maya Comaduran
HS Secretary/Registrar


~Welcome to Benson High School~

A School of Champions on track for tomorrow! Because of the outstanding academic achievements of our students, we are very proud here in Bobcat Country.
It is exciting watching our students excel in academics, activities, and athletics. Our success is a tribute to the partnership that we have with our parents and students throughout the school year. As principal, I am grateful to be a part of this learning community and know that there is still great work to be done and higher goals to achieve. Therefore, we will continue our commitment to ensure that every student will have the support necessary to be successful.

Our students also excel on the athletic fields and in the arts - our trophy cases are filled with championship recognitions, our students' CTE program annually receives national awards, and our music and theater classes produce outstanding programs.

Our faculty is deeply committed to helping our students succeed not only in high school, but to be prepared for their lives after Benson High by teaching an academic program that is rigorous and relevant through numerous Advanced courses, and Virutal High School courses, as well as by fostering supportive relationships with our students in a very resource rich environment.

Parents, I look forward to working with you to continue to build a world-class learning community. It is a privilege to be here at Benson High School and to work with a caring staff dedicated to meeting the needs of all students. Thanks for entrusting us with your student, as we build traditions of excellence together. Benson High School takes pride in providing a safe and welcoming learning community that prepares students to be competitive and productive citizens.  Student learning is the heart of the organization. We invite you to be involved in the school community and encourage you to become involved in the BHS Site Council (PTO). If interested please contact Maya at (520) 720-6840.

I am so proud to be Principal of Benson High, a school that has combined what's best in its tradition with new ideas needed to educate our students for their future; a school that will fight for the success of every student; a school of champions!

Please do not hesitate to contact me or catch me at an event and let me know how we are doing. It is our goal to continually improve and maintain a world class learning environment. 

Student’s current grades and attendance can be accessed through the PowerSchool school based computer system. If you are not receiving grades in school mailings or need assistance with a PowerSchool password, please contact the school’s Secretary, Maya Comaduran, at (520) 720-6840.

If you should have any concerns about any aspect of your son/ daughter’s education, please feel free to contact us at the BHS official phone line: (520) 720-6840.
Yours in education,

Mr. Rodriguez